Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Bowl 4 Miler 2013

Last year on Super Bowl Sunday, I ran my first four mile race. I set a PR that held for the rest of 2012. This year, I decided to run the same race again and I set a new PR! The Super Bowl 4-miler is one of my favorite local races. For one, it’s on Super Bowl and the second, it’s a great atmosphere. This year they even had medals for all finishers!

I went into the race not expecting to PR. Due to my IT band injury in December, my training took a big step backward. I hadn’t even run four miles nonstop before the race since my injury occurred. But man, I was hungry for a PR. On Thanksgiving, I ran the Santa Barbara 4 mile Turkey run and would have PRed if the race hadn’t been a quarter of a mile short. I felt robbed and was eager to improve my time.

I rocked a pink Tebow jersey!
I started the race easy and relaxed. I was running solo, so I was chatting with runners around me. During the first mile and a half, I got passed by a lot of other runners. I just kept my pace consistent and focused on enjoying the run. Around mile two and a half, I stopped getting passed and I started passing those who had shot ahead. Around mile three, I was starting to loose steam, but was determined to keep my pace. At that point, I could tell a PR was well within my reach. I chatted with a nice kid in a Bronco’s jersey who was eager to tell me all about his favorite player and team. I encouraged him to keep the pace up, but unfortunately had to drop him.

Action Pro Picture of race
Daddio came out to cheer me on
Down the home stretch, I was just about out of energy, but saw I’d easily PR. I had a woman right ahead of me and instead of my usual sprint to the finish, I let her beat me and finished at a relaxed pace. Thankfully she wasn’t in my age group! Haha! Should have thought of that before being so casual about it.

Running with my new Bronco buddy
I finished with a time of 35:38, beating my old PR by over a minute! I was all smiles! First race of the year and I start out with a PR! Ironically, I’d just announced that I wasn’t going to focus on PRs this year! It’s a week later and my legs are still fatigued, but my IT band is still pain free! I hope everyone had a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday and are enjoying a new year of running!
Surprise bling!

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