Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeling Good, Feeling Strong, Feeling Excited

Three weeks ago today I started getting sick and today… today I started feeling better. I’ve been chugging along, getting my work done in the office and getting short runs done in the evenings. Not pushing myself, but also not throwing my hands up in defeat. The Santa Barbara International Marathon Relay race is this Saturday, so I knew I had to get back on track sooner rather than later.

Slowly, my short runs have gotten faster, each one just slightly better than the one before. I’m no where near what I was doing before the trip, but I’ve definitely won some ground back. As the congestion is my chest gets better, so does my breathing. Last Saturday I did a practice run of my leg of the race and it went relatively well. It’s an easy leg, only 4.5 miles and very level. When I had first been assigned this leg, I had been disappointed in getting such a short distance and now I’m thankful for it. It’s the perfect distance for where my body is at this point in time.

I went for my run today and decided for the first time since I got home, to do some fartleks. As soon as I kicked up the speed, I felt amazing. My breathing was lining up, I wasn’t coughing or clearing my throat, I just felt good. I feel good! Instead of dreading this race, I’m looking forward to it again!

Wish me luck! I’ll do a race report this weekend.

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