Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Frustrated Runner

Here it is, the final day of November and I’ve only blogged twice this month and my mileage is the lowest it’s been since I started running. Well I kicked the cold only to come back with an odd pain in my right foot. At first I just thought it was a cramp and then I just thought it was a bruise. I guess I was more hoping than believing it was either of those things. Two days before my relay race I went to the doctor and heard the two dreaded words… plantar fasciitis. On the positive side, he thought I caught it early enough that it was just bruised and not advanced. He told me to take ten days off of any activity that made it hurt after my relay race. I followed his advice and unfortunately that meant I had to miss the Santa Barbara Turkey Trot which I’d been looking forward to. Guess I’ll have to slip it on the list for next year.

For ten days I iced, stretched and exercised my foot. I didn’t run except for the couple times I forgot and ran down the hall or played with my brother’s puppies. I took the stairs slow at work and I basically babied my foot as much as possible. Monday was the end of my ten days and I went for an easy and slow 3.5 miles. My foot was unhappy by the time I got down the street. It wasn’t hurting, hurting so I finished the run. 

I love running, I really really do, but I don’t think I’ve ever done any activity that has made me this frustrated. I have the Santa to the Sea half marathon in less than 11 days. I’m doing it with or without foot pain. I’ve been looking forward to that event for over five months! The question is, do I rest or do I push through? My marathon is looming before me and at this point I’m almost back to where I started.

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