Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Foot Update

I haven’t run in ten days, five hours and fifty three minutes… ok I’m really not that obsessive, but it’s been pretty darn close to that. My foot held up relatively well in Santa to the Sea, but I was convinced by some very intelligent people that I needed to rest my foot before it got worse and as a result took much longer to heal.

Plantar fasciitis seems to be the verdict. I was told I could do biking, swimming and the rowing machine. I immediately started riding our stationary bike in the garage only to determine that it was irritating my foot (apparently reclining bikes are bad). I switched to the rower and faced the same problem. So that leaves buying a bike, getting a gym membership or finding a pool. I haven’t decided which.

I am treating my foot with heat and cold, Aleve for any swelling, I stretch before putting my feet on the ground in the morning and I never walk around barefoot. I’ve gotten heel cups for my shoes and I haven’t worn high heels in months… well except for my company’s fancy Christmas party. You can’t wear a cocktail dress with running shoes or so I’m told. I don’t do that many strengthening exercises I’ve found online. They were making my foot worse and I only stretch in the morning because stretching it more then that was making it irritated.

I see the podiatrist on the 9th of next month. I couldn’t get in sooner *sad face*. He will be able to tell me what I can and can’t do.

On a side note, I am going to run the New Years Resolution 5k on January first. With three weeks off, I’m not expecting to PR, but I’m hoping my foot will be good as new by then and hopefully I can jump back on my marathon training!

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