Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Roundup

November was an awesome month of great time with family and some great running. I ran two races, the San Antonio Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon and the Santa Barbara 4 Mile Turkey Trot. The San Antonio race was a lot of fun and I was on track for a PR on the Turkey Trot, but the course was mismeasured.

I ran a total of 68.77 miles for the month. I increased my nonstop distance to 5.5 miles and my interval distance to 8 miles. I also went back to running stadiums and added a day of speed work once a week. I’m making progress, but slowly.

For the X-Files challenge, I finished roughly 9 episodes and put the total distance at 88.07. I’m on track to finish season one before the end of the year! 

Having completed three half marathons in three months and also completing two within two weeks of each other, I am now qualified to become a Half Fanatic. Unfortunately, I’m too cheap to pay the membership fee. Any Half Fanatics or Marathon Maniacs out there? What motivated you to join the running club?

For December, I had two races scheduled, but at the last minute decided not to register for one of them. I will be running Santa to the Sea half marathon next weekend, but bailed on the Santa Claus 5k which was scheduled for today. I’m really glad I did bail because it’s been raining for three straight days! Rain or shine, I will be at the half. I really enjoyed Santa to the Sea last year and have been looking forward to running it again.

I also completed my 2012 goal of running 12 races in 2012! Yay!

How was your running in November? Did you set any new PRs or race a new distance?

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