Monday, January 21, 2013

50 State Challenge

Who doesn’t want to run in all 50 states?!? Ok so a lot of people wouldn’t, but I do! I want to see the world in my running shoes, on the streets and trails. With only two states completed, it’s a little premature for me to be announcing that I am taking on the 50 states challenge, but whatever! I’m going to do this!

My goal is to run a half marathon or longer in each state. I hope to knock off a few states each year, but I’m not rich, so this is going to take some time. Last year I completed Texas with the San Antonio Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, boom done! And California has been in the bag for a year now. So two states down, only forty eight to go! Piece of cake!

I have a tab at the top of my blog where I will be keeping track of my progress!

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