Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carrying your GU on your… head?

Last month I made a random purchase, I bought a running hat that had elastic loops to hold GU or other types of gels. Yes, I did say a hat that holds gels. This creative product is the GasCap Endurance hat. Mine can hold up to 6 gels, but they also make visors that only hold two. It was an intriguing idea and the price made it easy to give it a try.

Since I haven’t been running distance, I hadn’t had an opportunity to give my GasCap a test till I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon. Wearing my R2D2 skirt, I didn’t have anywhere to put my GU and coincidentally, my GasCap somewhat matched my skirt. It was like it was meant to be. I loaded up my hat with four gels for the race. The hat fit comfortably and held the gels securely. I was afraid it would look silly, but it actually looked fine. I even got a few compliments about the hat.

There's GU on my head!
When I needed a gel, I just reached up and tugged one loose. When I received some gels during the race, I did have to take the hat off to put them in, but I think with practice, I could probably do it on the move. The hat was so comfortable I kept forgetting I even had gels!

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase. If your running shorts or skirts are pocket free, check out a GasCap for your gels!  

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  1. I've seen these before, but wondered if the gel would stay put. Glad you posted about yours. Sounds like a great hat!