Monday, September 24, 2012

Goleta Education Foundation 4-miler

After much debate, I ran the Goleta Education Foundation 4-miler. For some reason they like to host 4 mile races in my area and most go along the same route. This one was almost identical to the Super Bowl 4 miler and the Lakes of Love 4 miler that I ran earlier this year. It started in a different location, but most of the route was the same.

I hadn’t reached 4 miles in my training runs yet since I’m supposed to be increasing slowly, but I was really itching for a race. I decided that I would make up my mind about running it or not on race morning, but honestly, my mind was already made up. In fact, I had my gear already laid out the night before. Besides, all the money was going to the school music programs, so that’s always a bonus.

I was determined to take it easy and not reinjure myself, but when the race got started I had a hard time listening to that little voice in my head. Instead of doing intervals of seven minutes running, one minute walking, I took two one minute walking breaks. My body was feeling good, so I let myself enjoy it.

Overall, I didn’t PR (which I knew wasn’t going to happen), but I did a better time than Lakes of Love, so I’m in better shape then I was during that period of time. I did lose just a little bit of time running down a loose dog for an old man during the last mile of the race, but I don’t regret that. Again, I wasn’t going to be setting any records and grabbing the dog was a little more important then a few seconds off my final time.

The race had a really great atmosphere. Lot’s of goodies at the end, live music, a fun looking play area for the kids and tons of gift cards raffled off. Even though I was flying solo that morning, I hung around and chatted with some of the other local runners. I almost ran up the street to Goleta Valley Church to attend the service just shortly after the race, but was self conscious about my sweaty running outfit, so I didn’t do it. I probably should have, it would have been epic to show up at church in running clothes and a race bib.

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